Why Aqua Chiara’s Reverse osmosis filters?
  • We use 1st grade raw materials
  • We use PET in manufacturing all our housings
  • Unbreakable housing operating on maximum pressure
  • Chemical free raw materials & components
  • Has no side effects on product water & absolutely no reaction to water
  • All parts manufactured are tested, approved & certified
  • All our parts are stamped AQ™
  • Our faucet is elegant in design and led free, tested by air pressure to guarantee Zero leakage

PP Cartridge

  • Pure poly propylene
  • Chemicals free
  • Absolute 5 micron
  • 2 layers porosity to guarantee no quick blockage & longer life time
  • stamped AQ™

UDF Cartridge

  • 100% pure Granule activated coconut carbon
  • Tested & certified
  • stamped AQ™

CTO Cartridge

  • Activated carbon block
  • Covered by PP layer to prevent any particles from passing to product water
  • stamped AQ™


  • We manufactured our brackets with a thickness of 2mm to provide stability
  • We coated the brackets with 3 layers to guarantee longer life time
  • stamped AQ™

Membrane housing

  • 1st grade material
  • Very high pressure tested to guarantee no leakage
  • stamped AQ™


  • Manufactured especially for Aqua Chiara Egypt
  • One years warranty

AQ Pump

  • Pump head manufactured by AQ stamped AQ™
  • Motor components are made in Germany & assembled by AQ
  • One year warranty

Post Carbon

  • Pure carbon
  • stamped AQ™